Keep it Super Simple Bronwen Sciortino

Bronwen Sciortino

Bronwen Sciortino is a recovering perfectionist. After spending 17 years as a high powered executive, a life-changing event forced her to stop and reevaluate her life and – ask what if there’s a better way to live? Answering this questions took her on a journey of discovery that gave her the knowledge and wisdom to develop the ‘Keep It Super Simple‘ principles.

Bronwen is driven by the power of lifting consciousness and increasing self-awareness. She is living proof that aligning your life with your value system is critical to decreasing stress, building resilience and embracing change.

She now works as a Simplicity Expert delivering corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment, teaching people how easy is it to live life differently.

Today, she shares her secrets to success and how we can simplify our lives to embrace the concept of an economy of enough.

We discuss:

-Bronwen’s journey from stress and exhaustion and how she combined traditional and alternative methods to heal

-Stress: what happens to your body on a physiological level and the flow-on effects to your mental state

-Where to start with taking the first step with overcoming stress and exhaustion

-How to create a questioning mind about your own health

-The powerfully therapeutic effect of journaling

-Comfort zones – what should we be doing with them?



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